PEUGEOT Quick Service

Peugeot Maintenance package

Every 20,000 km → Fuel System Cleaning - Gasoline

  • Increase the acceleration and engine power
  • Remove dirt on the injectors, valve and air ducts
  • Improve fuel economy

 Every 20,000 km → Power Steering Oil Flush

  • Relieve the control of the driver
  • Remove dirt and sediment contamination in the power steering system
  • Reduces wear and noise on system power steering

 Every 20,000 km → Fuel System Cleaning - Diesel

  • Increase the acceleration and power diesel engines
  • Eliminate carbon, soot and other impurities in the fuel injector chamber
  • Improve fuel economy

Every 20,000 km → Radiator Flush

  • Prevent over heating
  • Eliminate the rust and the entire sediment in the engine cooling system
  • Keep the thermostat and water pump performance remains optimal


Every 20,000 km → Engine System Cleaning - Oil

  • Removal of more than 95% residual lubrication
  • Increase the engine clean so that optimal lubrication
  • More refined engine and durable

 Every 40,000 km → Automatic Transmission Flush

  • Removal of more than 95% residual lubrication
  • Clean the dirt and sediment so that optimal lubrication
  • Increasing employment and O-ring seal