PEUGEOT Maintenance Package

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As the owner of Peugeot, you have the freedom of driving without any fear of the cost of regular maintenance and replacement of components. You will immediately benefit program Peugeot Maintenance Package at no extra cost.

Peugeot Maintenance Package Program will give customers the freedom to drive without fear of regular maintenance and replacement of components that can wear out due to use within a period of 5 years or up to 60,000 km, whichever comes first.

Peugeot Maintenance Package program will remain in effect if your vehicle has been sold or change hands until the deadline or kilometers predetermined.

Peugeot Maintenance Package to make sure your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the recommendation Peugeot consisting of regular maintenance and replacement of parts that could wear out due to usage using original spare parts, among others include:

  1. Engine oil, including the oil filter.
  2. Maintenance or replacement pollen filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, brake pads, brake discs, and a drive belt.
  3. Fluid include brake fluid, power steering oil, and radiator coolant.
  4. Diagnosis ECU.

The items below are not included in the program Peugeot Maintenance Package, including:

  1. Top-up or add engine oil.
  2. repair / maintenance between two periodic maintenance specified in the book Peugeot Maintenance Package.
  3. Damage due to fuel contamination.
  4. Replacement tires and battery.
  5. Balancing the wheel.
  6. Installation or repair accessories.
  7. Damage due to accidents, fires, natural disasters (including damage due to ingress of water into the combustion chamber or water hammer), modification of vehicles, noise is not normal on the vehicle.
  8. Damage due to the user's responsibility, such as: participation in the race, engine damage due to lack of engine oil, etc.

You can perform regular maintenance on the entire network of authorized workshops Peugeot and enjoy this program by showing the book Peugeot Maintenance Package.

PS: Now we are ready to service your Peugeot after the period of 5 years or up to 60,000 km