PEUGEOT Home Service

Peugeot Body Repair

Routine care for PEUGEOT. It certainly you know. But, if you are  abusy and no longer  time to your PEUGEOT? Do not to worries. No need to sacrifice precious time. Just use the exclusive service of this one.


Simply call and make an appointment. Senior mechanical PEUGEOT SERVICING go ready to go to handle your PEUGEOT as carefully. This is an opportunity for routine maintenance while you are in the middle of a business meeting.

 Entrusting to care your PEUGEOT with PEUGEOT HOME SERVICE.

 One more exclusive services that prove our commitment to you and your own PEUGEOT.

Please kindly contact us on:

  1. Astra Peugeot BSD (021) 3006 2038
  2. Astra Peugeot Solo (0271)7468 999
  3. Astra Peugeot Surabaya (031) 9914 3008