3008 Crossover


FROM 527.500.000 IDR OTR*


The 3008 is packed with breakthrough developments that enhance safety and driving pleasure, whilst reducing environmental impact. Our cutting edge technology and materials reduce weight and emissions.

Electric Handbrake


The Peugeot 3008 is equipped with an electric handbrake as standard. It engages automatically when the engine stops and disengages upon acceleration. This is coupled with the Hill Assist function which ensures that the vehicle remains stationary while on a hill, to allow the driver to accelerate.

PEUGEOT Connect USB With Bluetooth™


The Peugeot Connect USB box lets you listen to tracks from an MP3 player or iPhone through the new 3008’s audio system, so you could have your entire music collection in the car with you. Track listings appear on the 7" display screen and, with Bluetooth™, you can also use it to make and receive safe, hands-free phone calls.